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Seeking a Refund from Us? Our Cancellation and Refund Policy Explains When You Can Cancel a Task or Seek a Refund

Here at Phddissertationhelp.com, we have a fully functional cancellation and refund policy. Our policy describes circumstances when you can cancel an order with us and when you qualify to seek a refund. Our cancellation and refund policy will guide you. Go through it carefully and understand so that you can have the confidence when seeking dissertation help from us.

Our Cancellation and Refund Policy

 Phddissertationhelp.com is committed to delivering the best dissertation in accordance with the requirements of our clients and institutions. We ensure that all instructions are followed throughout our contractual engagement with you. Should we fail to honor any of our promises, a client is entitled to seek a refund. This refund policy aims to give our clients and potential clients confidentiality about the delivery of our services. When seeking a refund from us, you are required to have evidence of breach of contract and your qualification for a refund. If our team ascertains that you qualify for a refund, your money will be deposited to the same account you used during the payment.


We know that dissertations have many revisions. This is because professors go through chapter by chapter to ensure that the work aligns with their expectations. If you need an area in your dissertation to be revised, our experts will be ready and available to offer that service. If you have an area that should be revised in your dissertation, ensure that you send it within four weeks after receiving the work. You need to note that revision is different from adding work. If you are expected to add a new chapter or a few pages to the already written work, that will not count as revision, and therefore that will be charged as a new task.

Cancellation of an order

Cancellation of an order can be done by either you or us. We can cancel your order if we notice that you are doing illegal activities such as using someone else’s credit card to pay for the order without their authorization or using other unlawful payment methods. We can also cancel your order if you breach the initial agreement, such as the deadlines or changing the initial work and not adjusting the timelines. Note that if we cancel your order for fraudulent or illegal activities, you will not qualify for any refund. In addition, you will shoulder any damages that will arise. If the cancellation comes from you, it should happen within two hours after submitting the order. This is because our dissertation writers are assigned the work immediately, and therefore, the cancellation of an order that is underway will not attract any refund.

When a client qualifies for a refund

  1. If you cancel your dissertation order within two hours after submission, you qualify for a refund.
  2. If you send two payments for the same task, you will be entitled to a refund of the extra amount. In such a case, you are only expected two prove that you send two payments. We will immediately start the process of processing a refund.
  3. If we fail to deliver your work within hours after the agreed time, you are entitled to a refund. We, however, ensure that all dissertations are completed before the deadline.
  4. If we realize that all our experts are occupied, we will immediately inform you and make a refund. However, we have a large number of dissertation writers, and therefore, that may never happen.

A client does not qualify for a refund under these circumstances

  1. You will not qualify for a refund if you do not prove that we breached the contract. You must prove that we violated our contract with you or that our service was not satisfactory. To prove, you can send attachments to our official email address.
  2. If you cancel the order when it is underway, you will not qualify for a refund.

Refund processing

Once refunds have been proven and ascertained, we process all of them within seven working days. You need to note that we do not cater to bank transfer charges. In case there are delays in the refund processing, we will inform you.