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The checkout step finalizes the process of ordering dissertation writing services from us. We've invested in the process to ensure that it's simple, fast, and secure to help save your time while keeping you safe.

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Phddissertationhelp.com dishes out top-quality dissertations to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students across an ample mix of subject matters at modest rates. To enjoy top-notch dissertation help from our seasoned Ph.D. experts, you need to pay for the service in advance. And, to make the payment, you need to follow a few steps and procedures, which we share with you here.

We assure you that the payment process is fast, simple, and secure. All tools and technology are in place to ensure that the payment process doesn't pose any risks to your account. Meanwhile, while we only provide one payment method at the moment (PayPal), we are working very hard to include more payment methods to accommodate various customers. We apologize for this at the moment.

How to Make a Payment to Us

Follow these three steps to successfully make a payment to us at the right time in the right way.

1. Send Your Dissertation Writing Request

Payments can only be made after sending us your order and getting a quote of the amount to be paid. Therefore, the process starts from this step. Well, a student sends his/her order alongside the instructions on how it should be completed, after which we go through it and determine a suitable price at which the dissertation can be written. We do this with the help of an expert who understands the pain of completing the order and the most suitable price that should go with it. Our experts often come up with a price that's both affordable to the student and not too low for their remuneration.

2. Get a Quote

After we have determined the right price for the dissertation, we will send you a quote alongside the payment process details via your email. This doesn't often take long. You should respond by making the payment as described below.

3. Make the Payment

To make payments, please follow the process emailed to you. It's simple; you only need to verify that your balance is sufficient to meet the cost and then check out via the secure gateway. Please ensure that no one gets a glimpse of your PIN. After you've authorized the deduction, we will respond by sending you an acknowledgment email. Despite acknowledging your payment, the email also informs you that we have awarded your order to the right expert. And after all is done, all you need to do is wait as we do our part.

Payment Worries

If you have any worries about the payment process, please feel free to reach us via email, live chat, or phone. Our customer service and technical teams are available round the clock to sort out your worries about the process.