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Before reaching the discussion stage, you have gone through four chapters. Therefore, all the work you have put in the four chapters helps you write a convincing discussion. This is an important part of your dissertation because it helps you convince your reader that your research makes sense. In the results section, you provided data through stats, numbers and charts. In the discussion chapter, you need to give that some context. You know what data means, and researchers would easily understand your data. However, your dissertation is written for the readers and not the researchers. That is why you need to explain your results. Explaining your findings can be an uphill task, which is why many students seek professional dissertation discussion help. If you find yourself having a hard time discussing your dissertation, our experts will be there to help you. However, we will first take you through tips for writing your dissertation discussion.

Should One Combine the Dissertation Discussion and Conclusion Chapters? Learn From Our PhD Dissertation Writers

Before proceeding, you need to note that there is a difference between discussion and conclusion. A dissertation discussion is used to elaborate on the results, while the conclusion summarizes the whole dissertation. A conclusion, in many ways, is similar to the dissertation abstract. Therefore, to avoid repetition, writers prefer writing a short conclusion.

Important Tips on How to Write a Dissertation Discussion Chapter

  • Ensure that the interpretation of your data is clear

    All the figures and charts you have included in the previous chapter mean something, and therefore you need to explain. The discussion part is meant to ensure that your results are clear. Since you have already provided the results in the previous chapter, you need to tell the reader what these results mean. Do not be too complex in the dissertation discussion chapter. It is meant to ensure that normal people understand your dissertation.

  • State the practical implications

    After your research, you know that your findings are interesting. However, what are the practical implications? You need to state how the scientific and academic community will benefit from your findings.

  • The limitations of your research

    All findings have a limitation. This is because they are drawn from a controlled sample. In the dissertation discussion, ensure that you mention the limitation of your research. As you list the limitations, ensure that they have a recommendation that can further the research.

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It is normal for PhD students to face difficulties when writing their dissertation discussions. The discussion needs a lot of precision because all that is expected is to explain your results and findings in simple terms. It becomes very challenging because you have been writing a complex dissertation and now have to use simple terms to explain. That is why many students opt to look for online dissertation discussion help. We have a team of experienced dissertation helpers who will deliver unique solutions affordable to you. Our experts work day and night to ensure that you receive help when you need it. Contact us at any time, and we will be waiting to answer all your questions regarding your dissertation discussion and any other topic that you may have questions in.

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